"How to Love" is finally here

It's been over a year since I flew with Andreos and Dave to Los Angeles. This long-awaited project is finally here and ready for the world to see.

It's been quite the journey. I'm learning more and more that the "bro-rate" is equivalent to a lesson in patience – while collaboration with friends allows me to get great quality art (recordings, videos, etc.) at a low price, I definitely pay for it with time. But it's worth it to me. Sometimes these projects take a long time because you just need to get it right. With this video, we meticulously looked at each clip, every cut, to make sure the video flowed the best that it could. And I think we came out with great success.

I decided to release this video on my own. After trying to email tons of blogs and magazines, I ended up without any responses to my request for them to premier or review my video. A slight setback and failure, but a learning process nonetheless. In the midst of wedding planning, helping my brother with his music projects, and completing graphic design projects on the side, I decided this video needed to be released despite my lack of success in finding a release avenue. 

"How to Love" is published and I think it's an amazing first step. I can't wait to get this next album finished and to begin filming my next round of music videos for that release. I'm hoping to do some cool shots with drones to get footage for the album's lyric videos, so keep your eyes out for that.

Don't forget to share the video and thanks for all your support! I'm excited to see the response for this video and see where it leads to next.