Community Nashville

A friend of mine and I went to a backyard fundraiser concert in East Nashville last night. She posted the following: 


A lot is said about the community vibe in Nashville. “Community” is such a trendy word these days it’s hard not to become jaded. Tonight was such a good reminder of the importance of it all. To see a group of friends, loved ones, and strangers alike join together to support someone we knew by x-degrees of separation was such an encouraging reminder of the influence we can have on the lives of those around us through the power of community.

The performers, Steve Moakler and Cody Fry; the occasion, a fundraiser. Price of entry went to an amazing young woman who successfully went through a local Women’s Mission program, graduated, found a job, and is now aiming to go overseas with YWAM

The evening was picturesque: trendy young adults relaxing on a gorgeous backyard spread, a pop-up food bar (proceeds of which were also donated) with a quintessentially-Nashville-style chalkboard menu, wonderfully vibey hanging lights encircling the space. The air was cool, with a slight breeze that would offset both the mild 74-degree temperature as well as the glowing fireflies. Bringing a truly Nashville event to keel was incredible songwriting and performing in the vein of acoustic Americana (right up my alley). Even more magnificent was how the yard was filled.

Invitation seemed to be only via word of mouth. My friend was texted by a friend who had received a previous invitation – that sort of thing. The astounding thing to me was how they were able to fill this backyard. It truly was a community, as we were all connected to some degree (word of mouth has that effect), and we were all gathered for the common purpose of helping out a member of said community. Before and after the show most of the attendees could be seen hugging people on other blankets or reaching across lawn chairs to shake hand with a new acquaintance. It felt good to be there and be part of the momentary collective. Very seldom have I so genuinely felt like a proper piece of the whole.