Getting Acclimated

It’s been a few weeks since Joe, Joel and I have moved to Nashville. We’re finally settled in to a decent living space, and we’re getting closer to jobs. It’s definitely been a process, but it’s also incredibly surreal to consider where we are.

The first week here was tough. It was great having my dad here for the day after we arrived, but having to say goodbye to him was not pleasant. I don’t really know when the next time is that I’ll see him, so you can imagine how difficult it was to actually watch him go. My dad has been such an incredible support for me (and still is), and it’s going to be a huge adjustment to live life in a different state than him.

Our first two weeks being here were spent looking for a place to live, and for jobs to allow us to live there. We had a great opportunity to move into my friend Whitney’s basement coming off of the drive, so we had a small space of time to get adjusted. After a week or so, we found a Craigslist post about a basement available for rent in the westside of Nashville, and after investigating decided to pull the trigger. We are now living in the basement of a 78-year-old Indian woman named Rama. She’s such a sweet lady, and has three cats, a dog, and over 1,000 Barbies, all in their original boxes. You can’t make this stuff up.

Being unemployed has actually worked out in our favor (although at this point it’s awful), as we’ve had opportunities each day to go check out the city. We haven’t been able to do a lot of “fun” (i.e. money-spending) things, but we’ve done almost every free activity in the city you can think of. We’ve seen quite a bit, and have seriously fallen in love with the city. The people here are tremendously warm and welcoming. I’m so pleased to call Nashville home.

My mom and sister flew in last weekend on a “college preview trip,” but we all know it was just a good excuse for them to come see us. Heck, I’m certainly not complaining. It was so fun to see them and get to show them all the chic spots we’ve found, and getting mom to buy good food is always a plus.

Joseph and I are still jobless. Kind of. I’ve had a few interviews with two companies, and have a part time job lined up starting in March, but I could really use an occupation that will give some breathing room with rent and expenses. So if you’re praying for me, keep it up! I can definitely use an awesome act of God to help me land the right job, and I know He’s faithful.

I hope to give another update soon with how jobs are going, and hopefully some music news coming up. The boys and I are playing together and figuring out how our talents compliment each other, which has been really fun. It will be awesome to see where some of our ideas and dreams take us – we have a lot of them. 

Feel free to leave a comment or question! Talk to you soon :)