House Show + Family


This last weekend, my spirit was renewed and my heart filled with joy as I was able to participate in all the things I love most. 

My parents, sister, and their +1 (Léa, a French student they are hosting for the year) flew in this last Friday to stay the weekend. Lauren, my sister, had an audition at Vanderbilt’s music department. I know she likely won them over, but I’m selfishly praying they offer her too much to decline so that I can have my sis in town with us. 

I took the opportunity of having my family in town to throw together a house show. Lauren’s voice cannot be matched, and having her sing with me is icing on top of the sublime cake a la Joel and Joseph. It was a magical night.

My friends Whitney and Hanna (with whom Joseph and I originally moved in when we arrived to the city) agreed to graciously host the event. We set up twinkle lights, hanging bulbs, rearranged furniture, baked some pizzas, and even ignited a bonfire for the night to achieve its maximum success.

The house has a sort of “L” shape to the living area, which isn’t generally ideal, but with the backdrop of a Christmas tree, each band’s setup in the corner of the L had visibility from both sides, and the utmost vibes with the surrounding lights.


A friend of recent discovery, Isaac Gill (with Service Unicorn), performed first at a Nashville 8:30. Nashville runs on its own operation of time. I posted the show to begin at 8, planning on beginning at 8:30 with Isaac, and we ended up kicking off the show around 8:40 or 8:45 – that’s a Nashville 8:30 for ya. That gave everyone time to imbibe and vibe before we got the show underway, and the stragglers to make it in before stumbling upon that awkward moment of walking in on a house show.

If you have never been to a house show, it’s magical, low-key, intimate, and relationally engaging. As a performer, you can choose to be mysteriously recluse, warmly engaging, overly extroverted, humorous, emotional, or just a simple storyteller. The room becomes malleable to the direction you take it, because the audience is literally a few feet in front of you. They can feel your pulse. You worry less about commanding the space of the venue and focus more on telling the story of your music and giving the listeners a personal experience that can’t be replicated again.

The show was outstanding. I had my brother Joel on drums and Joseph on electric, both reigning in their instruments to maintain a very hushed yet full sound. Being in town, my sister agreed to be dragged into the ensemble and sang backup for me. It was a phenomenal night. Some incredible moments were created, and the show was a great success. I’m incredibly grateful to my friends who came out, and to the new friends I made during the evening.


My family and i finished the weekend off with a visit to the Opry Hotel, Pinewood Social, Ethos Church, and Monelle’s. There is nothing like the company of those you love to bring you peace and rejuvenation.

Hoping to post some video from the show soon! I’ll update you soon.