How To Love: Music Video Pre-Production

As I set out to make my first music video, I wanted to do something that would speak more than the message of the song. The most memorable and moving videos I’ve seen were those that told a story, captivated, and made a statement on their own right. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy – I settle only for the best so far as I can affect it. As my first foray into the film world, this was obviously a daunting task, yet one that I wanted to throw myself at. Thankfully, I had friends there to support and dream with me.

Months ago I sat down to create. I attempted to walk the tightrope between creation and reiteration. The original message of the song was obviously at the forefront of my mind, but I set out to reimagine the feeling and emotion I had in the process of writing that song, so as to give a new and broader look at what the song could encapsulate. The process required focus and creativity on a new level. I am a lover of film, and love to analyze everything I watch, but to approach for a second time the inception of my song through an entirely new and foreign lens was an exciting process.

As the storyboard reached its crude completion, I sent it to a dear friend of mine who eagerly and graciously partnered with me. Andeos Chunaco was easily the most integral part of the entire process, and I couldn’t have accomplished anything without him.

Months of planning with Andreos finally gleaned a film plan. Flights were purchased, ideas took form in locations, and everything began to line up. We were going to make a music video. Despite my nearly absent budget and knowledge, we set out to explore the universe as children again.