Change has been the world I’ve lived in for the last couple weeks. New house, new schedule, different opportunities, changing plans, and a hopeful future. 

Joel, Joseph, and I moved out of our 5-star basement three weeks ago into a smaller yet much more accommodating house. Yes – a house. It’s been incredible to see what a effect waking up to sunlight has on my day. Production has gone up while livable space has gone down. The original plan was ideal: a friend of mine, Will, was looking for a few solid tenants to take over his current living space while he moved into a unique opportunity. In Nashville, that means Will was going to move in with a guy who needed a roommate, offering the incentive of unlimited use of his recording gear in exchange for monthly rent. Pretty standard procedure. Once Will tried to solidify the plans, however, he realized the plan was not as straightforward as it seemed. He started to be asked to do menial tasks for the guy, who was seemingly hoping to use Will as a personal assistant instead of just a tenant.

Will wasn’t very keen on this idea, so a house that would have been fine for the three of us now had to fit another person in it. The space is tight. Extremely tight. Music recording is almost a joke, and personal space is at an all time low. Nevertheless, we’re thankful to be in a real house that is not riddled with bugs and cat smell.


Joseph sleeping in our original living arrangement after moving in. Quite cozy.

That’s our living situation. Not glamorous, but it’s looking up. We’re getting into the groove of writing more with each other, and I just recently signed a licensing deal with The Music Bed, so hopefully I will get some great opportunities for film placement, and be able to make some cash on the side. I was recently placed in an internal video for Bulleit Bourbon, which has been the highlight of the month. 

Currently trying to get a show in town in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully up in Louisville closely after. Portland will come around in January with another show or two, hopefully to be announced soon.