Moving: Day 3

It’s cold in Colorado. At least on February 1st when I woke up and nearly peed my shorts because I was so cold (you lose control of your bladder in the cold, right?? That’s not just me???). The good news is that even though I couldn’t escape being cold, I was firmly dosed with multiple cups of coffee after waking.

My friend Alex and Abby work at The Wild Goose in Colorado Springs – a meeting house for coffee enthusiasts, beer and wine connoisseurs, and lovers of their Colorado community. Alex brewed me up a Guatemalan roast from Switchback roasters (The Goose deals almost exclusively with their roasts) in a siphon (refer to the picture before this post), and I enjoyed a tasty breakfast quesadilla with cheddar cheese, peppers, onions, and elk. Yup, you heard me – elk. Everything was incredibly delicious. Alex also brewed a cup (from a V60) of some Coava coffee that I brought him from Portland, which was outrageously good as well.

After some roasted bean essence, we moved onto some more java at The Principal’s Office. No, seriously, that’s the name of the place. The converted school at Ivywild makes for a super vibey locale of restaurants, markets, and drink parlors. Alex’s friend runs The Principal’s Office, a trendy coffee and libation bar, so he hooked us up with some delicious pour over Columbian and Ethiopian from Sweet Bloom. So far, Colorado Springs is pretty far up there on my coffee and good-vibes radar (yes, it’s a 2-in-1 radar).


Some midday rehearsal with Alex took place for quite a while before time caught up with us and it was time to set up for the gig that night! I play two forty-five-minute sets at The Wild Goose that evening, with Alex filling in on drums for much of the night. It was a great time, with the room full, snow falling outside, beer and coffee being poured, while everyone sang along to some of their favorites (I played some covers of Coldplay and Mat Kearney, so people naturally sang along). The night was a success overall, and we slept peacefully with wonderful thoughts of snowflakes and friends.



Jared Evers

Achievement Drive, Nashville, TN, 37209