Moving: Day 4

Superbowl Day was gloriously unsporting.

My dad and I woke up to Alex making some exquisitely delicious sweet potato hash browns, scrambled eggs with flax milk, and grapefruit bowls. The hash browns were unlike any others I’ve had. Think warm, crunchy dessert, both sweet and savory. They had some cinnamon, garlic, olive oil, and a few other secret spices that made them the most delicious hash browns I’ve ever had. I need to stop writing about this because I’m salivating on my keyboard.

While Abby and Alex went to a training at The Goose, my dad and I caught up on some work (I wrote my Moving: Day 1 post that day…check it out here) and then headed over to Pike’s Peak Brewery at the beginning of the Superbowl. For some reason, everyone there was really interested in the game, but we just wanted some good beer and food :)

Because of an unusually over-the-top relationship that Alex and Abby have with the brewery, we were served a sample of almost everything they had, and even received a tour from the head brewer. Their beers were outstanding. I had the Assent, which was a smooth pale, a bit on the hoppier side for a pale, with a nice wheat finish. We left with a pint emptied and a growler to go, which led to a wonderful evening of homemade pizzas (which, made by Alex, were impeccable, of course) and Carcassonne, a simple and fun board game. My friends are the best. 

A five o’clock wakeup call was in order for the next morning, so we hit the hay early. Out of the snow into…less snow.

P.S. Check out how loaded down my car was…it was literally inches from hitting the ground at all times, and you can see the back wheels leaning in :/ Not safe at all, and probably damaging to my axle…so that was tight.

Momda was nine months pregnant, and due the next night.