Observations of blessings

I have been blown away as of late by God’s incredible generosity…He always seems to make things work out. Weird how He can do that.

I haven’t been working full-time since November, which isn’t awesome, but it’s what is happening. I was a worship pastor at a church in Hillsboro, but with the move planned, they found someone to take my job over early in November, so I haven’t been working there since. I’ve saved up enough to last me through the time of living at home before moving, and enough to safely move, but not enough to get to hang out with all my friends before moving…

I’ve become really worried lately about my finances, but I know that the move is the right direction for my life, so I’m confident God will work things out (easier said than believed). But check this out…shortly after I stopped working, I got contacted by someone from my church to do some freelance graphics work for him – and quite a bit of it! This has basically covered all my expenses while living here in the interim, which, as I look back on it, I think has been perfectly orchestrated by God.

And check this out: a friend of mine is taking a trip to India to tell people about the gospel and to love there with words, works, and miracles. I told her I wanted to support her in prayer, so she’s kept me updated, and recently wrote to everyone explaining she needed some more money to go, and believed God would come through. I immediately felt something that made me think I should give her $100. Well, like I said, I haven’t been working, so I was pretty apprehensive about giving some of my cross-country gas money away, but I trusted and did so. She emailed back soon after explaining how she received almost all the money she needed in that one day (without telling many people about it), and saw God work things out, so I was pumped.

Then get this…I was asked to play guitar at a memorial service that same week, which I easily agreed to (I don’t have anything else going on, so what the heck, right?). When I got there, I found out that the man who passed away wanted to make sure any musicians that morning got paid for playing…$100! You can’t make this stuff up. The leader didn’t even know this when he asked me to play, so we all found out together. Unreal.

Things like that have been happening, and I’m pleased to say that for once in my life I’m noticing them occurring, and have become extremely encouraged as a result. It’s reassuring to know God is behind you.

Another awesome report: I’m playing a pretty big show in a week! I’m opening for The Classic Crime and Emery at the Bossanova Ballroom in SE Portland, which is pretty outrageous in my opinion.


I randomly got the gig through a local booking agency I’ve worked with in the past, and now my singer/songwriter vibes will get to open for some killer rock vibes. It’s going to be an awesome show, and a great sort of sendoff the week before i leave to Nashville. 

A few things:

  • If you’re reading this before January 25, here’s a link to buy tickets to the Portland show.
  • If you’re in the Denver area, I’m playing a show on February 1 in Colorado Springs on my way east! Stay updated on show dates through my Songkick profile.

Love you all.