One Year Nashversary

In the dead of winter, a young man and his father left home in a van purchased only a few days earlier. Carrying his most important gear and memories, the van was filled from floor to ceiling with guitars, trunks, a harmonium, records, clothing, speakers, and non-perishable food. The trek would take them from Portland, Oregon, to Music City itself: Nashville, Tennessee.

The last year has been crazy. I can’t even believe it’s been one year already. We celebrate our one year Nashversary this weekend. It’s just insane. I wanted to let everyone know some highs and lows from the last 365 days, and look forward to another great year in Nashville.

Lowlights. Bad stuff first. The biggest bummer since living here (other than missing family and friends, of course) has been that I didn’t reach the goal I had set for my first year in Nashville. Preparing for the trip east, I had figured a challenging but approachable goal would be to get on a short tour as an opening act within the first year. In the process of moving to a new city and trying to gain networking connections, I’ve discovered I’m terrible at networking. Terrible. It’s been very difficult for me to get that part of my music going, but I’ve began searching for others who can assist with that and help make connections on my behalf.

Highlights. After speaking with so many friends at home about my experience in Nashville, I’ve realized that I have learned most about myself and music from being dropped into the middle of the city’s musical ocean. There is a much greater standard of music that I was unaware of before living here but have now become accustomed to. It’s not like I’ve been practicing until my fingers bleed or anything near that extreme. The standard must be internalized or you merely sink under it. It’s crazy. I’ve asked lots of friends back home if they’ve noticed any change in our playing, and they all report a solidness that wasn’t there before. We haven’t really practiced my music any astronomical amount; I think we’ve learned to grow from bands we see, those we talk to, and life we live together. The standard has been observed, theorized, and is beginning to  be internalized. It’s an exciting time to journey together.

2015. I’m excited to announce a lot of new endeavors that I’ll be running toward this year. Music videos are the most immediate project, and I’m aiming at rolling out a few in the next six months. Right around the end of that goal, the goal is for Joel, Joseph, and me to drive out west and record another record! I’m pumped. Accompanying this process will probably be the acquisition of some PR and management companies to help push the record and gain some hype before the release. It’s going to be an exciting year. Expensive and challenging, but the most exciting yet.

For you: To celebrate my first year in Music City, I’m giving away my album for free this week. Tell your friends and family, and enjoy my first album! Hopefully I’ll have another one to give away very soon. Thanks to everyone for supporting me through thoughts, prayers, posts, texts, and tweets.

Love you all,


Link to download Let Go & Forget for free.

Photo by Andre Chunaco.