Oregon memory makers

What a strange time in life.


I wanted to say, “Thank you,” to everyone who came to my first big show in a long time. It was a frickin’ honor to be able to play for everyone, and to get the type of response I did in the number of people coming out to support and their outrageous encouragement will forever be imprinted on the part of my heart reserved for Oregon – which is a big part.

As many musicians / show-goers probably know by now, the usual modus operandi at shows such as this is for the opener to get really crappy sound levels in order to make the headliner sound great. Well, no surprise here…I’m pretty sure most people were just hearing our stage monitor levels, which is not desirable. Nonetheless I was blown away by all my friends singing along and cheering wildly, which made for a great experience to be had by all. <3 you guys.

It was a surreal night to be able to share the stage with acts like The Classic Crime and Emery. It was also hilarious, because most of the fans of those bands are pretty hardcore dudes, so I’m sure my Americana vibes were somewhat of a shock. But I pretty much grew up listening to TCC and Emery, so what an honor to have the privilege to open up for two bands I have such high regard for!


If you’re into prayer, I would LOVE some to go up to the Big Man on my behalf this week, and if you’re not into that, sending some good vibes toward mother nature would be just as splendid :). I’m still looking for a van to take cross-country (my current ‘91 Accord won’t really “fit all my stuff,” and you could say it might not “make the trip”). Worst-case scenario I will rent a van that I can return in Nashville. However, I would then be carless, and that could have its cons. Another request of you would be to keep my trip in your thoughts. We’ll be driving on January 30th to Idaho (SO SOON!), the 31st to Colorado Springs, stay a few days, then another day to somewhere like Missouri before taking a final stroll into Nashville. That’s about four days of driving, so prayers and vibes would be appreciated big time :) ALSO if you live in Denver or Colorado Springs, come watch me play! I’m playing at The Wild Goose Meeting House on February 1st and would love to have you there! Check out my Songkick for details.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement! I don’t know what I would do without it.

PS My brother, Joel, works at a electronics store here in Portland, and just interviewed with the West Nashville branch and STINKIN’ GOT A JOB! We’re stoked for him, as he is now the only one of us who has even any sort of lead on a job haha! Okay, maybe that’s not so funny…but it sure is awesome.