Jared Evers is a singer/songwriter from the Portland area who combines sincere songwriting with lyrics rich in story and creative tones. American instrumentation mixes with indie rock tonalities, while memorable hooks and melodies create a familiarity to each song. Whether it’s with just a guitar or an entire band, Jared is known for his ability to captivate any audience.

A year ago
I found my soul
I left it there until you
Come to take it home
Come to take it home
— "You to See"

Writing music for more than a decade, Jared's first album was inspired by a move to California. The land east of Los Angeles is beautifully lush, backed by a craggy skyline to the north. A drive up to Arrowhead or out to San Bernadino evoked melodies and songs primed for long drives on interstates. 

It took three years to complete Let Go & Forget. With a shoestring budget and deep friendships, Jared worked on recording pieces of his album a few days at a time. Engineer Blake La Grange of Mercury Mastering proved to be an amazing partner in the project, seeing it through to the end.

The project finally came to its conclusion in July, 2013. Let Go & Forget received great acclaim in Jared's hometown, Portland, Oregon. From features on podcasts and emerging playlists to a placement on KINK FM's Summer Artists Album, Jared's first album was met with positivity, the culmination of which was shown in two downtown Portland shows at Pioneer Square.

After performing around Oregon, the experience of releasing an album reawakened a simmering desire to move to Nashville. The spring after his release, Jared moved with his brother and best friend to Nashville in pursuit of a career in music.

American instrumentation mixes with indie rock tonalities, while memorable hooks and melodies create a familiarity to each song.

Living in Nashville has been difficult. Marked with an incredible amount of learning and experience through the stories of friends, Jared has only scratched the surface of Nashville's burgeoning indie scene. Over the years, he's played a handful of shows around the city, and received a lot of playtime through licensing on the Music Bed.

Years into Nashville life brought Jared a new album, a wife, and the pioneering of a band. In 2015, Jared, his brother, Joel Evers, and friend, Joseph Starr, traveled to San Diego to record the sophomore album. A week of tracking all 10 songs live in the Big Fish Recording Studio created a new album, Always, with a raw energy that only tracking live can produce. 

While the album has been in production, Jared hasn't stayed idle. 2016 gleaned both the creation of his new band, Temple Widlife, with friend Adam Griffith, and a marriage to his wonderful wife, Ali Fay.

While 2016 proved eventful and adventurous, 2017 still holds a handful of promise. With his sophomore album, Always, finishing production, and creation of Temple Wildlife's premier album, the remainder of the year is proving to be packed with greatness. Keep watch for all the music soon to come from Jared Evers.