New Full-Length Album


New Album

August, 2015: Myself, my brother and sister, and one of my best friends drove from Nashville to San Diego. What followed was five days of recording with an amazing friend, Blake La Grange, at the incredible Big Fish Studio in Encinitas. We recorded all 10 songs live in the same room, which gave the project incredible feel and depth. 


The new record, entitled "Always," is in round three of the mix stage. After we finalize the last few changes, it will be mastered and eventually released. Expect music videos, shows, merch, and more. 

I can't wait to share this album with you.



New EP


New EP

Over the last year I've started writing music with my friend and bandmate, Adam Griffith. What has transpired in that year has been nothing short of magical. The songs that have been inspired from our collaboration are something new and unique compared to my existing catalogue, with enormous, lush sounds, obscure rhythms, and deep vocals. 


Adam and I are trying to record 4-6 songs in the next couple of months all on our own. He and I both are extremely excited about taking this project head-on in our own studio, able to be proud of what we'll have accomplished by ourselves. We expect you'll hear from us within 2017.